As social media in B2B  continues to evolve, we have added a way to measure and compare the social media involvement of Global 5000 companies. Rather than try to evaluate the corporate presence, we have looked at using the LinkedIn profiles of employees in each of the Global 5000 companies. Using this data and looking across various geographies and vertical markets, provides an interesting perspective of which markets can be more readily engaged and forward looking. This also says a lot about how sales and marketing can connect with their various market segments.

We have added a field in the database for social media profiles. Across the entire set of companies, 9.8% of the of the employees have linkedIn profiles.

Looking at various regions, we would expect North America based firms to be at the top of the list. Across the regions, the social media % is:

  • North America 17.4%
  • South America 5.1%
  • Europe 9.4%
  • Asia Pac 2.7%
  • Middle East/Africa 5.5%

As we look at industry sectors, the summary of social media profiles looks like this:

  • Basic Materials 5.5%
  • Business Services 21.9%
  • Construction 6.3%
  • Consumer Goods 7.8%
  • Financial Services 12.2%
  • Food & Beverage 6.8%
  • Health care 22%
  • Industrials 6.9%
  • Oil & Gas 6.1%
  • Retailers & Wholesalers 4.6%
  • Technology 25.1%
  • Transportation 3.8%
  • Utilities 2.8%