Various selections from the Global 5000 Database as well as the entire G5000 are available for purchase and download.  Check out any of the selections to obtain a summary of the companies included along with pertinent stats. Each file is formatted the same way with the same fields. To see a sample of the records, click here — Global 5000 sample records April 2017. You can also search the data base to view the types of companies and click on any company name to see a profile — SEARCH

Global 5000 db

Details and purchase information about the Global 5000 database can be found on this page:

Top 500 Private db

Within the Global 5000 database, approximately 1,000 of those companies are private. We have built a selection of the top 500 (by revenue) private companies. The data available for each record is the same as the sample records noted above. You can view some further info about the top 500 privates and order the selection from this page. Top 500 Private

FinTech Dynamic db

One of the most dynamic markets in the world today involves the financial industries. Venture capital investments have been flowing into the FinTech sector which is looking to impact those large financial players. We are building an innovate database the includes both hundreds of new FinTech Players as well as large, established companies in the financial industry — read more here.