FinTech Dynamic DB

We have begun building a new database of the FinTech community that will be available in January 2017.

UPDATE 30 January 2017 — as we have been progressing, you can follow some of the interesting research findings in this latest post.

A brief description is below.  For questions and interest, please contact Harry Henry at

Companies in the FinTech sector include a variety of new, typically start-up firms offering services for payments, lending, robo advisors, crowdfunding, bitcoin/block chain currency alternatives and money transfers among other related financial services.

Each company in the FinTech market is researched and profiles are built that are similar to the profiles of the Global 5000 companies — see sample records here Global 5000 sample records April 2017.

In addition, the database will include the financial companies from the Global 5000 including Banks, Brokerage firms, Insurance companies and related Investment and Financial Services firms — in essence the entire ecosystem.  These established, large firms will be partners and competitors of the start-up FinTech companies.

As of this writing, the database contains approximately 1,200 of the Global 5000 companies and 750 new FinTech firms. During the building phase, we expect to research and update approximately 75-100 companies each month.

Pricing is expected to be set at $1,100 per year.  During the initial year, we will deliver an updated file each month as new records will be added continuously and updating will be completed as an ongoing activity.