We often hear that social media is about individuals and consumers and not really the realm of the corporate world. Or if it is, most corporations use it the same way they do mass marketing & emailing — as a push mechanism to sell “stuff”

While that may be true for many organizations, it does not mean you can ignore it.  Take the case yesterday of the Army soldiers, Delta airlines, YouTube and baggage fees. If you haven’t heard, read the Washington Post article.

Most of us do not like all the baggage rules and fees the airlines hit us with these days. But we do little except complain. In one fell swoop, a group of soldiers using Social Media got their issue raised and within 24 hours, Delta reacted and the airlines followed suit. This group of customers can generate a strong, emotional feeling on the part of all Americans and they used that plus today’s tools to get action.

And hats off to Delta who was on it. They weren’t sitting back in corporate boardrooms and studying the problem for days or weeks and waiting for PR to craft a carefully worded statement.  Their Social Media team monitors this stuff, saw the problem and acted. No waiting for the customer feedback survey.  Well done.

And what about other firms and their social media group — do they have one?  Are they on it?