Watching the global business wire on a dailybasis can be like looking into a kaleidoscope. It is an ever changing picture. Just this week we noted a few events that reflect the overall trends in today’s world.

  • Ambac Financial filed Chapter 11 – another financial firm struggling in the wake of the recession and financial mess.
  • Chevron (#5 on the Global 5000 list) is acquiring Atlas Energy (#769) as a play in the natural gas space just like Exxon did a few  months ago.
  • Sara Lee (#733) is selling off some of it’s baking products to Grupo Bimbo (#965) in a case of both companies focusing on their core businesses.

The key point here is not about these specific companies and events but rather to illustrate that a marketing database or a sales account target map will contain companies like these that will experience continual changes. And you have to adjust. Keeping an Ambac (under Ch 11) in your marketing file and continuing the same as always may not be the best tactic.  Updating the database, while not hard work, takes a discipline of process and and continual work.  How’s your database?