This past week, Fortune released their updated Global 500 list of public companies.  As we have done for the past few years, we compare lists to ensure the Global 5000 data set has not missed any companies.  We also code the Fortune ranking in the company records for each of the Global 5000 records.

As we have noted previously, the Global 5000 contains not only public companies like those in Fortune but also private companies. Every year some of these cross over from private and file IPO or public firms get bought out and go private. A good example this past year is Glencore. They were not part of the Fortune list because they were private but they were #36 on the Global 5000 ranking.  Now they have gone public and appear on the Fortune list.

There are a couple of interesting things on this year’s Fortune list

  • Looking at the top 100 — China had 5 companies last year and 6 this year
  • US had 32 companies in the top 100 last year and down to 29 this year
  • #500 on last year’s list had revenue of  $17 billion. This year, #500 revenue had to grow over 14% to $19.5 billion