January is typically the slowest month of the year for updating record in our company database. Year end results for companies with a December fiscal year are not yet ready and those reporting with September year end have already been updated.

For those looking for a company list for lead generation, the bigger action in January was all the announced M&A’s including Nestle selling their US candy business, AIG buying another insurance company, Energizer acquiring SCANA, Informa acquiring UBM and Fujifilm acquiring Xerox among others – quite the shake up.

Even with the slow month, we added some interesting companies including:

  • VipShop Holdings is an $8 billion Chinese online retailer
  • Koito Manufacturing of Japan
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank – a $6 billion company
  • Bank of Jinzhou of China

Some of the top companies that were removed during November include:

  • Valspar Corporation was acquired by Sherwin Williams
  • Unified Western Grocers were acquired by Supervalu
  • Joy Global was acquired by Komatsu
  • Brocade was acquired by Boradcom
  • Clarcor was acquired by Parker Hannifin

More information about the Global 5000 database is on this page.