With the first half of 2015 ‘in the books’, we have completed updates and new additions to The Global 5000 marketing database.  We continue to see more consolidation and big mergers continuing as has been the pattern throughout 2015.

For the first 6 months of the year, over 2,700 records in the database have been updated including adding 104 new companies. At the same time, 87 companies we turned inactive due to being acquired or revenue falling below our $500 million threshold – though most were thru acquisition. This churn is reflective of what the markets are seeing/reporting.  That is, there is a desire by large firms to grow and the organic growth may not be enough in their respective industries.  So, they look to the acquisition options and industry consolidation is the result.  See the recent post noting some of the big names on the merger trail so far this year.

In addition to the ongoing activity noted above, we have begun restructuring the categorization of the health care market around providers, payers and equipment/services and pharma companies.  Look for a top 100 of each from us soon.

For more information about The Global 5000 database – click here.