During the month of October, we added 36 new companies, while removing 11 others which brings the total active records in the database to 4,939 for the Global 5000 database. To date this year, we have added 356 companies to the database and removed 126 due to mergers, acquisitions and lower revenue reported.  As with any set of b2b data, the curation process of pruning and researching is a constant.

Some of the largest new companies added during October include:

  • Emirates Group – which includes the airlines
  • Rajesh Imports of India, a $25 exporter
  • Schaeffler – an auto parts & components manufacturer in Germany
  • Dexia Group, the Belgium banking & finance business
  • Shimao Property, a $9 billion real estate firm based in Hong Kong

All of these are multi-billion enterprises – worthy of inclusion in your select accounts list. If they are not yet targets or in your CRM systems, then now is a good time to add them.

These firms were removed due to acquisition or merger and are no longer stand-alone entities – or reported revenues that dropped them out of the Global 5000:

  • CSR plc was acquired by Qualcomm
  • Avolon aircraft leasing was acquired by HNA of China
  • 3i Group saw revenue shrink below our minimum threshold
  • Espirito Santo Financial Group went into bankruptcy and is selling off its assets
  • Robertet SA of France reported revenues below $500 million USD

More information about the Global 5000 database is on this page.