The most recent update of the Global 5000 database as of March 31 included a number of changes including 54 new companies that were added and 70 companies that were turned inactive as they were acquired or posted lower revenue that dropped them out of the 5000.  Along the way, we updated 1,688 companies in the database.

Our currency level of the database is at 98+% – – this is the percentage of records we have updated within the past 12 months. Behind the 5000 largest companies, we have built a level of ‘next tier’ records that will be elevated to the active batch as may be needed.

Some of the largest new companies added during the month of March include:

  • Topco Associates, a private outsourcing firm
  • Samsung SDI – a $6 billion plasma display firm
  • Amer Sport – a Finnish sporting goods manufacturer
  • SSM Heathcare, the St Louis based hospitals provider
  • Aurelius Equity of Germany

All of these are multi-billion enterprises – worthy of inclusion in your select accounts list. If they are not yet targets or in your CRM systems, then now is a good time to add them.

Here are a few that  were removed in March due to acquisition or merger and are no longer stand-alone entities Рor reported revenues that dropped them out of the Global 5000:

  • Ingram Micro was acquired by HNA Group of China
  • EMC Corporations is now part of Dell Corporation
  • Technip of France merged with FMC Corporation
  • Cameron International was acquired by Schlumberger
  • Jarden was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid

Our practice is to not remove any of the acquired or merged companies from the active database until after the acquisition closes. More information about the Global 5000 database is on this page.