During the month of January 358 records were updated with new data, changes including 40 new additions.

Every month, we continue to add new records as we conduct our research. Plus we have a regular rotation so that all records are researched and updated with the latest revenue and employee counts.  The web site, address, phone nmber and descriptions are verified.  Add to this the number of mergers, acquisitions and private equity transactions make for an active database and a continually changing landscape.

We finished updating and adding companies in South Africa and The Global 5000 companies contain 31 from South Africa.  We also added the remaining food companies so that we have 200 now.

The largest companies updated during the month included:

  • International Asset Holding
  • IKEA Systems
  • Arcandor
  • Westpac Banking
  • SHV Holdings
  • Lenovo Group
  • Swiss Life
  • Carso Global Telecom
  • Fomento Economico Mexicano
  • Essar Group

Are these companies in your CRM system and on your radar?