We have recently added match codes to The Global 5000 to facilitate matching your company records to Global 5000 companies.  These codes are generated based on country of origin, company name and an industry code.

Many contact record systems are based on individual records where each contact has a separate record … including the company name.  We find this frequently with social media databases which are crowd-sourced (like Zoom or Jigsaw) or self-entered (like LinkedIn).  In some cases where you are marketing to each individual, that works just fine.  However, where the product or service is a corporate sale, the should be to link these individual contacts to the corporate record using a match code and get a full picture of the account.

If you are going to be matching or syncing to a specific master file (like The Global 5000) on a regular basis then adding a field in your CRM system for that match code will make the process run smoother and quicker.