Like many of us these days, we have been watching for the hopeful signs of economic growth and much of the attention naturally turns to GDP and GDP growth. While we ‘kind of’  know what GDP represents, the details are best left up to the economists — those of the dismal science. To see an explanation of GDP, click here.

When looking at market potential for sizing and forecasting B2B data and understand relative market size, GDP for various countries becomes a useful tool. Using the Global 5000 companies’ revenue data we find another way to evaluate county size and industry segment size.industry & vertical market sizings.

Using this data and looking at GDP data can cause one to pause – -for example, the aggregate revenue of US based Global 5000 companies approximate the GDP of the US – -both at approximately $13 trillion.  And because we also code each company with an industry segment code in addition to identifying the country, we will be using the Global 5000 revenue data to show industry and vertical market sizings.

So — if your focus is on finding market segments or geographies where the big dollars are — using Global 5000 revenue data can be a good indicator.