Growth forecasts for around the world have on the rise of the developing regions of the world compared to the more established economic regions of North America and Europe. To test if this has been trending we took the top companies from The Global 5000 in each region of the world and measured their growth over the past few years.

Specifically, we took the top 25 companies (by revenue) in each of 5 regions – North America, South America, Asia Pac, Europe and Middle East/Africa. For these 25 companies, we took their aggregate revenue in 2007 and 2010 and measured their growth rate (CAGR), their total employees and total training budgets.

These 125 companies employ over 22 million people worldwide and had 2010 revenue in excess of $11 trillion. This total breaks down as follows:

  • North America = 31.6%
  • Europe = 30.4%
  • AsiaPac = 28.1%
  • South America = 7.8%
  • Middle East/Africa = 2.2%

The big story is the look at the 3 year growth rate by region. Overall, these 125 companies had a growth rate of 4.8% between 2007 and 2010. When we look at the growth by region, it clearly shows why there is concern over the growth rate in North American and European companies.

  • AsiaPac = 10.8%
  • South America = 9.5%
  • Middle East/Africa = 8.1%
  • North America = 2.1%
  • Europe = 1.6%

As businesses look at marketing resources and focus of their efforts, looking at growth areas might mean looking outside where you normally have.

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