As part of building the FinTech Dynamic database, we have identified over 150 companies involved in the payments space.

Some are retailer/suppliers who have a vested interest and provide services for the payments industry. These include major retailers like Amazon, Alibaba and Wal-Mart. Device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung and services companies including First Data, Fiserv and BankCard  Services.

All big players.

Then we find the big public billion $ players including:

  • PayPal Holdings, Inc.
  • Vantiv, Inc.
  • Global Payments
  • Total Systems Services
  • Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.
  • Worldpay Group Plc
  • Moneygram International
  • Square, Inc.
  • Wirecard AG

There are a dozen companies that are subsidiaries of others including:

  • ProPay, Inc. (sub of Total Systems Service)
  • Braintree (sub of PayPal)
  • Xoom (sub of PayPal)
  • Venmo (sub of PayPal)
  • GlobalCollect (sub of Ingenico Group)
  • Elavon (sub of US Bancorp)
  • Paydiant (sub of PayPal)
  • LoopPay (sub of Samsung Electronics)
  • Mercury Payment Systems, Llc (sub of Vantiv)
  • TransFirst Inc. (sub of Total System Services Inc)
  • Ant Financial (sub of Alibaba)
  • NetSpend (sub of Total Systems Service)

A couple have been acquirid including Heartland, Sofort and  PayByPhone

That still leaves over 100 companies in the payment flow – all fighting for their place and capturing a piece of the market. Included in this group are names you may have heard of as part of the FinTech ‘revolution’ such as the following:

  • Payoneer, Inc.
  • Stripe, Inc.
  • SumUp Payments Ltd.
  • Pivotal Payments Inc.
  • Payment Data Systems, Inc.
  • iZettle AB
  • Hyperwallet
  • Currency Cloud
  • PaySimple
  • Merchant Customer Exchange
  • MoneyOnMobile, Inc.
  • Ezypay Pty Ltd.
  • Allpago
  • Currence iDEAL
  • Giropay Gmbh
  • SnapCheck
  • LifePay
  • Mobetize Corporporation
  • Moneto
  • Paystack

And of course, not to be left out, a number of big banks got together and recently introduced their own payments solution named – Zelle.

Undoubtedly there are are many more in development and involved in some way . . . and of course, it is a marketplace in motion and we expect continuing activity including M&A’s.