Forbes magazine has published their annual list of the largest private companies in the US – listed here. They cover US private companies with $2 billion + revenue. This past year (2010 revenue) there were 212 companies that fit the criteria. Except for a few of the very large firms (like Cargill or Koch Industries) most are smaller than a list like the Fortune 500.

For The Global 5000, we match those companies in the Forbes list to our database to make sure we have them included every year. It is interesting to note that the total private companies in The Global 5000 stands at 645 currently as we do include companies from around the globe and companies that may be smaller than the Forbes threshold.

Marketers look at opportunities don’t generally care if their target audience is a public or private organization. Plenty of firms like REWE of Germany, Glencore in Switzerland or Reliance Industries of India offer some interesting opportunities.