During the past month of May, we have continued our updates and completed 400 more in May in addition to the 500 completed in April. We now have over 4,900 records in the database with approximately 3,800 containing new, updated data.

In addition, we have focused on – and written industry news posts about:

  • The world’s billion $$ companies – there are approximately 3,100 companies with at least $1 billion
  • The Fortune 500 was published and we have coded their rank into our records in The Global 5000. Interestingly, #500 in Fortune is ranked 1650 in the world
  • Technology markets are under some pressure for growth and we have an article and detailed analysis on the leaders & growth of sub-segments in that vertical
  • We also looked at the largest US companies and where – geographically – their revenue comes from

All the articles are posted here on this site