The Global 5000 is a researched and compiled database with a goal of finding the 5000 largest companies in the world. Based on revenue/sales generated, The Global 5000 contains both public and private companies, covering all industries in all countries. We go beyond existing lists and rankings of products like the Fortune 1000 or Forbes private rankings. There are 5,000 active, updated companies in the database.  We include companies from all countries — from the 2,180 companies in the US to 1 from Belarus for example. To date, we have tracked 4,400 companies in the world with $1 billion + annually and we continue to search for more … expecting to reach 5000 at this Billion $$ level. We have structured the industries they participate in with 2 levels with 22 industry sectors that line up with NAICS codes. The main use of this data set is for B2B database marketers striving to make sure they are marketing to and focused on high end account penetration. Knowing the 5000 largest companies in the world are covered is key to this strategy. Revenues for the companies are all converted to USD based on interbank currency conversion tables for the average of the fiscal year reported.  Companies will have a variety of year end periods with the most common being December. For FY ending in Jan thru May, we count them as revenue in the previous year. The Global 5000 is an independent effort created by Harry Henry. You can view his profile here – Questions? — contact us at harryhenry@theglobal5000.com You can see sample sites/records here:

Global 5000 sample records April 2016

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