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Introducing the Global5000 Database

With the Global5000 Database, you have access to:

  • 5000 Companies in
  • 30 Major Industry Groups and
  • Over 50 different Countries

Currently, the database contains a total of 4,515 active records in the file representing $58 trillion (USD) of revenue and 130 million employees.

This select group of companies represent approximately 70% of the WorldWide GDP. The revenue per employee for these top companies in the world is over $357,000. The database has a lot more to offer you…

The Global 5000 is a researched & compiled database with a goal of finding the 5000 largest companies in the world.

Based on revenue/sales generated, The Global 5000 contains both public and private companies, covering all industries in all countries.
We go beyond existing lists and rankings of products like the Fortune 1000 or Forbes private rankings.

The Latest Database

Global 5000 DB Updates – September 2016

During the month of September, we added another 20 new companies, removed 8 more bringing the total active records to 4,914. To date this year, we have added 320 companies to the database. For the quarter, we added 97 companies and removed another 35. As with any set...

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