As Health Care market spending has been booming in the past few years, we have seen a comparable growth in the number of health care related companies that are in The Global 5000.  Currently, there are 214 health care companies that are part of The Global 5000 representing over $2.5 trillion in revenue.  We have categorized them around 4 segments – Health Care Plans; Health Care Providers & Services; Medical Products and Equipment and Pharma & Biotech.

The Pharma segment represents the largest portion of the dollars with just over 50% of the health care revenue for this group of companies.  Here’s a look at the segments, number of Global 5000 companies in each and the leader (largest revenue) in each segment

  • Health Care Plans
    • 16 companies
    • UnitedHealth Group
  • Health Care Providers & Services
    • 65 companies
    • Kaiser Permanente
  • Medical Products and Equipment
    • 53 companies
    • Sinopharm Group
  • Pharma & Biotech
    • 89 companies
    • McKesson Corporation