Throughout The Global 5000 database, there are a couple of key demographic attributes we track and use to further our research and use to research new companies.  Those are major industry sector and country where the firm is headquartered. Another use of these data elements is to continually look to understand which sectors are growing and which are shrinking or not growing as fast as the overall market.  For each of these industries and countries we index them based on revenue over time. Between 2006 and 2013, the overall Global 5000 grew at a 5.6% CAGR. In that same period, the Oil & Gas companies in The Global 5000 grew at an 8.3% rate.  Clearly a big impact.

We use the broad category of Oil & Gas to represent companies in all aspect of the industry including services firms as well as exploration and producers – so a firm like Halliburton will be categorized here alongside BP and Aramco. There are 267 Global 5000 companies in this industry group and they represent just over 15% of the total revenue for all of The Global 5000.

The file included here below lists the Top 100 Oil & Gas companies by 2013 revenue. . . .2014 revenue announcements are just now rolling in so those are not yet complete. The revenue for all companies has been converted to USD.  The list includes both public and private firms from around the globe.

The list is complete as best we know to this date. We will update and refine as we learn more and always welcome feedback, updated and corrections.

Global 5000 – 100 largest oil companies