During this recession, the airlines have been hit as hard as any industry … and all who have done any travel during these years have felt it as well with reduced services.  After a year of back and forth jumping thru the regulatory hurdles, British Airways and Iberia announced their shareholders have approved their merger.  With this event, we have taken another look at the airline companies.

There are 38  airlines in the Gloal 5000 and they account for approximately $230 billion (USD) last year.  In 2007, they grew by 10.2% and then by 7.9% in 2008 before shrinking 13% last year.  Things may be looking up as Qantas grew by 20% in their latest 2010 filing compared to being flat in the prior period … some of that growth can be attributed to currency fluctuations.

The top 10 airline companies are:

  • Lufthansa Group
  • Air France – KLM
  • Delta Airlines
  • AMR
  • UAL Corporation
  • British Airways
  • Continental Airlines
  • US Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Qantas Airways