In March, we completed updates on 728 companies among the Global 5000.  Most of these were updates to new revenue posted as part of their financial postings. Additionally, there was a lot of activity on the M&A and spin-off front. The list below are all those that were included as part of that action.

For your CRM / B2B database, keeping track of these changes and doing the updates is a full time job and continuous process. In addition to getting the data “right” there can also be implications for account assignments on the sales side. Plus, if your database segmenting processes enable profiles and targeting … there might be changes to how you approach the new combined entity (or the one that was a spin-off)

  • AT&T and T-Mobile (a unit of Deutsche Telekom)
  • eBay and GSI Commerce
  • General electric and Converteam
  • Hitachi storage unit and Western Digital
  • Lubrizol being acquired by Berkshire Hathaway
  • Massey Energy being acquired by AlphaNatural
  • Northr0p Grumman spinning off the shipbuilding unit as a separate entity named Huntington Ingalls
  • Walgreens acquiring
  • LVMY Moet acquiring Bulgari
  • Liberty Global acquiring Kabel BW of Germany
  • Cephalon acquiring Chemgenex
  • Citadel Broadcasting being acquired by Cummulus Media