The Global 5000 database continues to provide B2B marketers a timely, continually updated source of business information for business lead generation and ABM activity.

As we closed out the year for 2017, we added 30 new companies to the Global 5000 database during Q4. This brings our total new adds for the year to 216.

During the quarter, we updated 1,039 records bringing the total updates for the year to 6,126.

Every month we complete a series of updates so that we cycle thru the entire database annually. In this process there are always a number of changes and major deals in the M&A world. Companies with a marketing database that don’t follow this level of activity are truly missing out in their sales and marketing efforts.

Some of the top companies that were removed during Q4include:

  • Whole Foods which has been acquired by Amazon
  • Wuhan Iron & Steel is now part of Baosteel
  • Harman Industries was acquired by Samsung Electronics
  • Grocery retailer A&P (Great Atlantic & Pacific) has liquidated after filing bankruptcy and selling off a number of stores
  • Unified Western Grocers was acquired by Supervalu

And, we added some interesting companies including:

  • Toyota Boshoku Corp. is a $12 billion auto parts producer
  • LG International is a South Korea based firmĀ engaged in the development of energy and raw materials
  • Tokyo Century Corporation is an $8 billion financial services firm
  • SG Holdings is a Japanese holding company
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina has revenue of approximately $7.8 billion

More information about the Global 5000 database is on this page.