During the month of September, 623 records were updated bringing the total updates during Q3 to to 1,719. Included in these updates were the addition of 27 new companies to the database in September and 60 for the quarter We also removed and 30 for the month and 62 for the quarter by putting them into inactive status.

Every month we complete a series of updates so that we cycle thru the entire database annually. In this process, we are continually amazed at the number of changes and major deals in the M&A world. Companies with a marketing database that don’t follow this level of activity are truly missing out in their sales and marketing efforts.

Some of the top companies that were removed during September include:

  • FIH Mobile Limited is a subsidiary of Hon Hai, a Global 5000 company
  • Hanjin Shipping Holdings filed a petition to liquidate
  • Delta Lloyd NV was acquired by NN Group
  • ProBuild Holdings was acquired by Builder’s FirstSource
  • Blue Square Israel is now too small to qualify

And, we added some interesting companies including:

  • Blue Shield of California is a $17 billion licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield organization
  • Independence Blue Cross is a health care plan provider in Pennsylvania
  • Horizon Healthcare Services provides health care plans in New Jersey
  • Decathlon S.A. is an $11 billion sports product company
  • China Greatwall Technology Group is a $10 billion manufacturer of computer technology equipment.

More information about the Global 5000 database is on this page.